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John of God Testimonials

     "Pat is very serious about her role as a guide. She really understands the flow of the Casa and is generous with her attention and time. Her personal stories are fabulous. Pat is extremely psychic and skilled intuitively; she is invaluable in this way as a guide. My work with Pat's guidance seemed as powerful and effective as that of John of God.
--Robert Brady
  Sherman Oaks, CA

     "I went with Pat Baars in November to see John of God and it was a remarkable healing experience, and I highly recommend it! Pat is a marvelous, capable and loving guide and psychic, and a "Daughter of the Casa" which means she has been sanctioned by John of God to bring people to the Casa. She is so dedicated to her charges and her heartfelt caring and concern and giving is paramount! Please consider giving yourself this tremendous gift of healing and...the blessed work that has been done by John for so many years. Now is the time for healing ourselves - treat yourself. Go!"
--Engrid Smiley, Executive Assistant
  Santa Monica, CA

     "Pat is in my opinion the best guide of all! Not only is she pleasant and fun to be with, but she has very unique skills and gifts that added so much to our trip. She can see the Entities and knows what is going on! I had an experience that would have left me very confused if it hadn't been for Pat and her gifts. Pat keeps her groups small and is very thorough in her planning, teaching and care. She took great care of us, and is an excellent story teller [of people's experiences with John of God] which added to the trip."
--Phyllis Montague
  Del Mar, CA

     "Through friends from Australia, my friend and I were highly fortunate to connect with Patricia Baars. This was our first time at the Casa de Dom Inacio and neither of us had much idea about the correct protocol and procedures. Pat was our guide, advisor, therapist (during our confusing times), and friend. We felt blessed to have had access to her wealth of knowledge of the rules, procedures and life at the Casa, plus her experiences and understanding of the healing process of body, mind and spirit and the miracles of Joao de Deus that she shared with us so generously. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pat."
--Rosemary Wood, Trained Nurse
  N.S.W. Australia

     "What can one say of Pat Baars? -- A gifted healing-guide, demonstrating exemplary care with extraordinary vision and an innate ability to engage with those who seek an understanding of their true path. It is a privilege to know Pat. We met by fate - possibly via a far greater plan that was to unfold. Needless to say, the experience with her as a Casa guide has enabled me to appreciate a sense of clarity and purpose relating to my direction, at a deeply emotional and spiritual level. Inner torment of many years has been appreciated, understood, and surrendered whilst being guided and immersed in the truly spiritual experience of the Casa de Dom Inacio."
--Nigel Glynn, M.Sc.
  Nottingham, England

     "I highly recommend using a guide to visit John of God. There are many details to an adventure like this, and a guide helps to make the trip much smoother. Pat Baars is a detail-oriented and conscientious guide. Pat Baars has integrity as well as compassion. I have traveled all over the world with and without guides, and I feel qualified to recommend her services."
--Beverly Bryan, RN/Hypnotherapist
  Los Angeles, CA

     "I really appreciate and value Pat's input on what she is able to "see" with her well-developed clairvoyance. Additonally, having the meditation sessions was an added bonus to our healing experience. Pat is an excellent and experienced guide."
--Kay Sera, Chiropractor/Acupuncturist
  South San Gabriel

     "When I met Pat in Brazil, my anxiety level was sky high. Her sensitivity, warmth and kindness transformed my fears and made a lasting impact on me."
--Suzi Patience Lever, Professional Trainer

Pat Baars

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