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As we go through life, we are exposed to other's opinions, demands, judgments and expectations.  They, like everything else, come to us as energy.  Frequently, those foreign energies affect us, and after a while, we can mistake them for our own.  In actuality, however, they block the flow of our own energy, decreasing what is available for our personal use, well being and creative endeavors.

Pat Baars is able to see and feel these energy blockages.  In a manner filled with fun and amusement, she communicates where foreign energy and blockages are, and helps you to release them.  In that healing process, you can rediscover your personal truths and power, your innate ability to create what you want and more certainty and freedom to do so.  It is a healing process that can alter your life.

Counseling and energy healing sessions are filled with fun and compassion, and occur effortlessly in a confidential, safe environment.  Pat is available to individuals privately or in groups -- such as parties or other gatherings -- and for home and workplace energy clearing.  She has an office in Southern California and also does long-distance energy healings and readings by phone.  To schedule an appointment or to purchase a Gift Certificate, please email her at pat@joyfulpaths.com or contact her by telephone: (323) 227-9668.

Note:  Pat Baars is not a medical practitioner nor does she diagnose.  If you have an illness or medical concern, please see a medical professional.  Pat Baars makes absolutely no promises as to what will happen during/as a result of a session.  Each individual will create his/her energy healing to manifest in whatever way he/she can have at any given time.

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Pat Baars

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