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     "My experience with you during our mind-soul-healing session was amazing. I knew how great you are and how much experience you have when I could visualize and feel all the energy flowing through my body, releasing past traumas, negative energy sitting in my mind and chakras. Because it was easy for me to reach the mind-body-spirit stage needed, we accomplished a lot during our session. After the session I have been feeling like a new person, completely cleaned, renovated and full of bright, happy energy. Now I feel happy and at peace. The daily practice of the exercises you gave me helps me stay grounded and protected. Even my place is completely cleaned now! Thank you so much Pat, I am so blessed and happy that I met you and did this wonderful session with you!"
--Sylvia Moreno, 51, Sales Associate
   Pasadena, California

     "Good Morning Pat, I'd like to sincerely THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the amazing healing session I had with you last Friday. You're obviously gifted with helping people with your body-mind-spirit energy healing techniques. Since Friday, I noticed and FELT everyday real shifts in my energy flow with release of old fears and emotional pain followed by specific physical phenomena occurring in some parts of my body. One thing is sure--I FEEL WONDERFUL. I feel energetically rejuvenated. I'M SO GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL TO YOU. I THANK THE SUPREME GOD AND THE UNIVERSE to have met you and I can't tell you how excited I am by looking forward to another session with you for additional and more advanced tools. May God bless you with pure Love and Light."
--Michele Fonke, 32, Dietetic Technician
   Culver City, California

     "Dear Pat, I felt that I should write this letter so that other individuals could be aware and learn from my personal experience and interaction with you as a teacher and healer. During our first lesson, via Skype, the ease at which I was able to visualize your instructions told me immediately the immensity of your psychic power and skill as a teacher/healer.
     During this first session many wonderful things happened: release of pain from past traumas and release of past and current emotional blocks, of which, all releases where accompanied by your astute explanations of approximately when these events occurred and how the release of these events will allow me to move forward. I have experienced neck/shoulder pain and lower back pain for at least 25 years. The following day upon waking the first thing I noticed was the absence of all pain. I could hardly believe what I was feeling and I fully expected some pain to return. No pain has returned nor will the pain return. Thank you Pat, for your wonderful use of your skill, knowledge and compassion."
--Clyde Martin, 70, Retired, Financial Management
   Marathon, Florida

     "Dear Pat, I just wanted to thank you for an incredible session. This was the very first session I have had with you and I am amazed at the changes already...in just one session! In practicing the tools you taught me for just a few days I have had what feels like a total transformation. For several months I have felt an undercurrent of "blahness" and heaviness...not really feeling tapped into life. I felt like I was constantly "working" on myself to achieve happiness but at the end of the day I was still by and large overcome by some sort of fear mixed with looming sadness and anxiety. I was starting to think that I needed anti-depressant meds. Anyway, as a result of seeing you as well as doing the meditations, my life has been steadily moving upward and today I have been bubbling over with aliveness...laughing and giggling and fully engaged in life! Amazing! I honestly have not felt like this in I don't know how long. Today, I felt the biggest shift when I did the meditation as you instructed and to my surprise I released all kinds of unexpected things...negative energies that represented attachments, old ideas, old patterns...you name it. It was unbelievably liberating! I had so much energy available to me afterwards. I felt like the world was glowing (not kidding). Anyway, I don't know how this is all working...but it is, and for someone who has been in a weird sort of funk for a while and having had just broken up with my boyfriend, I am amazed at the freedom I feel within. Your meditation is a miracle and I am excited to have the tools so that I can truly and effectively get ME back. It is the best gift in the world. I am so blessed to have met you! Thank you Pat!"
--Meredith Rietz, 38, Budding Entrepreneur
   Los Angeles

     "My session with Pat Baars was filled with expansive revelation on so many levels. We covered more territory than I ever imagined possible. I felt so validated as a spirit as well as called into account, in a loving way, regarding my core issues.
     She helped lay out complicated family dynamics in specific detail, stemming from the past, rolling into current interactions and behavior, which brought healing into my heart. Pat pointed out long-standing issues in my physical body and immediate environment, which needed my focus and attention.
     Pat helped me understand the inter-dimensional aspects of myself and how they can be utilized and self-managed, while applying them in practical, daily, creative expression.
     All in all, my session was filled with humor and deep insight. I experienced powerful releases of stuck energy and was filled with the light of great understanding. I left feeling energized, joyfully expanded, with greater self-trust, soulful understanding, peace and excitement in my heart."
--Robert Brady, Sales Professional
   Los Angeles, CA

     "Pat is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable healer/teacher who has helped me on my path to healing through her great insight and information regarding the metaphysical world. The information that she imparted me with greatly served my journey of self-healing, self-discovery and self-change at a time when I was "thirsty" for answers. She lovingly and patiently answered my many questions ("many" is an understatement to the amount of questions I actually had) and this in turn facilitated my personal healing. In addition, she is an exceptional guide to John of God in Brazil, and is also a very loving, kind and wonderful human being! I have nothing but deep gratitude and thanks for all of her help and I would most certainly recommend her to anyone!"
--Nick S.

     "Dear Pat, I learned so much from our session together. That was one of the most awesome experiences that I have had. The clarity that it brought to my meditation was, in a word, Phenomenal. I had been trying to open doors on my own, banging on them, so to speak, but it was in vain. With your gentle guidance, those doors seemed to disappear and I could cross through, unencumbered. I was crossing through, and into myself! You brought me there gently, safely, and with a sense of caring I have never experienced. Even though it was our "first" session, it had the feeling of old friends picking up where they (we) last left off. Amen, Sis-tuh!"
--Sandi Manoogian, Library Services
  Thousand Oaks, CA

     "I'm challenged with being a walking empath so Pat's tools and guidance are a God-send for me. What's great about working with Pat is that due to her intuitive gifts, which include seeing and feeling others' energy, she's able to be right there with me. She can experience what I'm doing while I'm doing it, and adjust her guidance accordingly. For me, this is a very unique gift that she offers. She's fun to work with and is really good at putting spiritual energy information and tools into practical, grounded uses. In a short time with Pat, a childhood experience with significant blocked energy was uncovered that had negatively affected my life in major ways. Also, unlike a lot of healers, she is very respectful of higher spiritual laws, namely, respecting people's free will and maintaining neutrality. I think all teachers need a teacher, mentor, or someone to talk to on a regular basis and I highly recommend Pat for this purpose as well. Pat is a lady who walks her talk, knows her stuff, and has high integrity."
--Araminta, Executive Assistant
  Los Angeles, CA

     "Pat, you are a Guardian Angel to me. I am a fortunate woman to have met you, learning some of the highly powerful techniques you teach, many of your most potent tools, consolidated for your clients over your long and distinguished career as a psychic healer. And did my energy ever shift quickly after our first session! For over a month I had been walking around, a 53-year-old woman with late-stage fallopian tube cancer suffering the forgotten and buried pain of myself as an unwanted six-year-old, seeing rejection in most every face, feeling little joy or will to live, really re-experiencing my core emotional pain.
     The FIRST day after practicing the simple tools you so lovingly and generously shared with me, it seemed as though the little girl had grown up and healed. I received wonderful news regarding my cancer, had pleasant and plentiful relations immediately. I even received a warm and wonderful kiss from a certain desirable somebody I had been admiring but was to afraid to approach, all in one glorious day! The next day and every day, the same miraculous results, especially when I utilize your simple tools.
     You showed me how to manifest my rightful reality, clear my psyche, protect myself from unwanted energy, forgive (so important for preventing and clearing cancer). You showed me how to strengthen my connection with my Higher Power/God, my body, and the Earth, all with humor, simplicity and an uncommon spiritual intelligence, while monitoring my learning responses energetically.
     I cannot recommend you highly enough as a healer and spiritual teacher."
--Connie C., Bookseller/Cancer Patient
  Olympia, Washington

     "So there I was, laying in bed with shaking chills so bad I could hardly walk. The instant I used the tools you taught me, the shaking stopped and never came back. As a physician, I was totally amazed. And I really appreciate your easy going, pressure-free style. For someone like me, who has to do it 'just right,' you really made learning the tools soooo easy!!! You are a wonderful and gifted teacher! Thanks again and again."
--Kirby E. Knox, M.D., Physician
  Oakland, California

     "I decided to do a session with Pat Baars after a relationship ended, and I was feeling much grief.
     I learned a lot through Pat. She is very knowledgeable in the field of energy. Pat's perception, insight, and vision helped me see myself in another light. Her energy healing exercises have lifted past fears, and helped me rediscover the journey of what it is I want to create in my life time.
     Pat is a walking encyclopedia on all things pertaining to mind, body, spirit, and healing through light energy. She is a pathway to enlightenment within ones self.
     I strongly recommend if you are ready for the journey of awareness, spiritual healing, and feeling at peace, then Pat is the guide, teacher, and healer to take the steps that lead to the pathway of applying love to find fulfillment and completion within the soul. She is a master at her craft. I strongly want to see Pat get recognition for her gifts. She amazed me."
--Erica L. Rapp, Pet Sitter/Student
  South Pasadena, CA

     "Pat, my restless legs syndrome has greatly improved since we've been working together. The intensity rapidly diminished, and I sleep much better now. Please tell your other clients that it (RLS) can get better, and they should not spend their lives suffering with it. They just need to learn a different way of relaxing--the tools you teach really help."
--MK Warther, Age 85
  Retired Antiques Dealer
  Dover, Ohio

     "I recently had my first visit with Pat and within minutes I knew I had met someone that really understood what I was experiencing a deep spiritual/energetic level. I had been to other more well-known healers and had felt like I was on an egg timer to ask all the questions that were coming up for me in this realm. Pat was very patient and allowed me to go at my own pace while at the same time making sure she took me step by step through the energy healing process as it applied to my special gifts. Our first meeting flew by even though it was hours long. I walked out feeling spiritually refreshed and within 24 hrs she had emailed me a 3-page overview of what had taken place so that I could continue on my own. Before seeing Pat even meditating for 5 minutes every other day seemed like an eternity and something to rush through. Now I meditate 45 mins a day and today I went so deep I almost missed a phone appointment I had with a client. I am excited for my next visit to see Pat and share all that I have learned about healing myself."
-- Andrew Chase, 45, Sales Recruiter
  Los Angeles

     "After just one session with you, I found that I no longer needed to go to my psychic 2 to 3 times a week as I was doing regularly when I was under huge stress looking for answers. During the time we spent together, I learned tools to look inside myself, for myself, and found that I have my own answers--there are no answers outside of me now. Thank you, Pat.
--Gloria G., Psychologist
  Santa Monica, CA

     "A friend of mine gave me Pat Baars' name. At the time, our family was going through a crisis; she was incredibly amazing. I was struggling very hard to be strong and a good parent. I began to doubt my ability as a mother. Through Pat, I was able to work through the challenges facing my family and my children. After talking with her, I felt an incredible sense of peace. She has given me some wonderful tools using energy and relaxation techniques, which I have shared with my family, and they have been incredibly effective in reducing anxiety and stress. As a nurse, I know how important faith and hope are in the healing process. She has opened these paths for me. Since I have been working with her, I feel that I have become a better parent and nurse. My family is doing well, and draw strength from each other. I feel so blessed to have met Pat, and I look forward to continue working with her."
--Sharon Garber, Family Nurse Practitioner
  Providence, Rhode Island

     "Dear Pat, I want to thank you for the sessions with you and all of our work together. The sessions are great gifts and such a support during this ever-changing time. I can feel how I get stuck on emotions/patterns that are held in me from long past and how these emotions create situations in my life that are not expressions of peace and joy. You help raise my awareness around these emotions and energies that have been buried and you have the clarity to see them and to facilitate their release. This process very much facilitates growth and each session with you, I experience an expanded freedom that follows that is priceless.
     I am tremendously committed to growth and there have been times when I have felt so stagnant I couldn't see or understand what was keeping me from leaving old patterns. Your facilitation brought to light the source of the stagnancy and helped me to create a higher level of self expression. It is like growing into my own skin, the true skin I am meant to wear.
     You have witnessed me change, grow, transform, again and again. It is no accident that you have been alongside me throughout much of it, gifting me with the unique work you do and sharing it in the spirit in which you share it. Your healing and clairvoyant abilities are a blessing to anyone who is fortunate enough to experience them and to understand the level and depth at which you work. May your work continue to reach many and assist all those who can receive it. Thank you for being in my life and for sharing what you do. My endless gratitude and appreciation."
  Love, Cindy

     "Hi Pat, I loved meeting with you on Sunday. It was really lovely to meet you and be in your lovely energy. You are a sweet, sweet woman. I continue to process the many experiences I had while with you, and am reviewing the tools you taught me. Thank you so much.
     By the way, I forgot to mention that I noticed the very strong scent of rose in the room several times."
--Nola Nordmarken, MFT

     "I met Pat Baars at a wonderful John of God presentation for one of her upcoming trips. It was quite an evening on many levels. Pat's devotion to healing work and exquisite presentation guided me to have a private one-on-one session with her. I received much appreciated guidance and information that helped me greatly. I felt very confident and used her simple yet profound tools to allow flow and relax without anxiety in my career transition. It was a sacred meeting. During my session meditation, the image and energy of Blue Medicine Buddha M.B. came to me as a support. I have carried this with me always from that day forth. I highly recommend anything and everything Pat does as it is with the highest integrity and above all, with love. Namaste."
-- Gary Stuart, Author
  Founder, Constellation Healing Institute
  West Los Angeles

     "Pat, you are an amazing healer!!!!
     Thank you for guiding me through my process of self discovery. This is helping me to have the freedom of self expression that I have been longing for all my life. Through your compassion, neutrality and support, also your incredible healing ability, I am getting to know who I truly am. What a gift!!! "
--Darlene Anaman-Perry
  Clinical Hypnotherapist/Life Coach

     "Oh my gosh, Pat, I am experiencing huge growth! And your EXCELLENT healing knocked me out last night--I slept so very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Engrid Smiley, Executive Assistant
  West Los Angeles

     "A healthy skepticism is a part of my nature.  So it was with some reserve that I met Pat.  But being open to all that life presents I was also intrigued by what I would be told and the effect of the clearing process.  I was blown away, that never having met me before Pat could describe me perfectly.  It was as if we shared many intimate conversations over an entire lifetime.  That made it safe for me to surrender to her talents and expertise.  I came away from my first session incredibly energized and free from the hauntings of my past.  It was with a renewed sense of vigor, purpose, and belief in myself that I now challenge life.  The tools that she sent me away with have helped keep me energized and excited about greeting each new day, each moment, enthusiastically.  Pat is one of the most amazing women I have come across on this journey we call life."
--Dr. Tony Piparo, Sport Psychologist/Author
  Pasadena, CA

     "You gave me several tools to use on a daily basis to keep myself centered and grounded within my own space.  You have such a great sense of humor which further serves to move this work along in a FUN way.  It is incredible to observe my own growth.  Personal shifts in all areas of my life have been accelerated.  You are a blessing.  THANK YOU!"
--Kristine Brock, Single parent of four sons
  San Gabriel, CA

     "Hi Patricia, Thank you for the session we had together. I feel more light in my body, and more at peace. Love and light to you."
--Libby Wadum, RN
  Yorba Linda, CA

     "As a Chiropractor, I used to take on the energy of my patients after working on them.  After meeting you, my world feels clearer and brighter, and I am no longer exhausted at the end of the day."
--Ron Barak, Chiropractor
  Valley Village, CA

     "I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful healing and communication that you gave me...[on] the physical pain that I had for several months in my lower back.  It really was a miracle to feel the pain falling out of my body, so easily.  I was blessed by your healing that took care of the pain completely and immediately."
--Alba Blandon, Analyst
  Los Angeles, CA

     "Iíve really experienced miracles!  Thank you so much for your help!"
--Dr. Rhoda Fortson, Chiropractor
  Inglewood, CA

     "A couple of weeks after I lost my husband of 28 years...it seemed the grief would not stop.  You gave me about a 15-minute healing on it.  I was surprised immediately afterward to realize that I did not feel like crying any more!  That night...I slept like a baby."
--Renata Howe, Retired/Housewife
  Los Angeles, CA

     "My gratitude to your healing hands will last forever.  I had come to believe that my headaches were as much a part of my days as waking up each morning.  In less than 20 minutes, the pain released that I have had regularly for years.  Thanks again, and may God bless you always."
--Marcha Stevenson, Government Worker
  Walnut, CA

     "Thank you for the visit you made to my house.  I now feel more bonded to (the house, after an energy clearing) and have really settled in now, after living here for years.  Whatís even better...I feel as good as I did when I was a kid!  The pain in my body released during my first session with you and it has not returned!!  I am so thankful and have been telling all of my friends about what a great experience it is to work with you."
--Karyne Cutler, Entrepreneur
  Sherman Oaks, CA

     "After one session it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  The path to success had been cleared!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
--Toloria Milner, Auditor
  Los Angeles, CA

     "I was astonished by the two healings I received.  In two minutes, I was relieved of the migraine headache that had been with me all week...Iíve suffered with lower back pain for a number of years...[t]he pain has not returned to this day."
--Karen McCrae, Legal Secretary
  Downey, CA

     "Thank you so much for helping me with my back pain that I have suffered with for a good 10 years.  Car rides were a dreaded event, and I felt ever so older than what I was.  The power I felt from your energy was freeing and like being born again and relieving.  Opening my energy was a wonderful experience.  You are truly a very special person with a gift."
--Rhonda Friesen, Horse Trainer
  Rigby, ID

     "(Translated from Spanish) I had a pain in my back for more than 30 years and Paty after God cured me, and...I was not able to walk because the pain was so strong in my feet...she did a second treatment, and my feet are now fine."
--Marianna Arangua, Housekeeper
  Los Angeles, CA

     "Thank you for the contribution your energy work made to my health and healing."
--NN, CA

John of God Testimonials

     "I went with Pat Baars in November to see John of God and it was a remarkable healing experience, and I highly recommend it! Pat is a marvelous, capable and loving guide and psychic, and a "Daughter of the Casa" which means she has been sanctioned by John of God to bring people to the Casa. She is so dedicated to her charges and her heartfelt caring and concern and giving is paramount! Please consider giving yourself this tremendous gift of healing and...the blessed work that has been done by John for so many years. Now is the time for healing ourselves - treat yourself. Go!"
--Engrid Smiley, Executive Assistant
  Santa Monica, CA

     "Pat is in my opinion the best guide of all! Not only is she pleasant and fun to be with, but she has very unique skills and gifts that added so much to our trip. She can see the Entities and knows what is going on! I had an experience that would have left me very confused if it hadn't been for Pat and her gifts. Pat keeps her groups small and is very thorough in her planning, teaching and care. She took great care of us, and is an excellent story teller [of people's experiences with John of God] which added to the trip."
--Phyllis Montague
  Del Mar, CA

     "Through friends from Australia, my friend and I were highly fortunate to connect with Patricia Baars. This was our first time at the Casa de Dom Inacio and neither of us had much idea about the correct protocol and procedures. Pat was our guide, advisor, therapist (during our confusing times), and friend. We felt blessed to have had access to her wealth of knowledge of the rules, procedures and life at the Casa, plus her experiences and understanding of the healing process of body, mind and spirit and the miracles of Joao de Deus that she shared with us so generously. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pat."
--Rosemary Wood, Trained Nurse
  N.S.W. Australia

     "What can one say of Pat Baars? -- A gifted healing-guide, demonstrating exemplary care with extraordinary vision and an innate ability to engage with those who seek an understanding of their true path. It is a privilege to know Pat. We met by fate - possibly via a far greater plan that was to unfold. Needless to say, the experience with her as a Casa guide has enabled me to appreciate a sense of clarity and purpose relating to my direction, at a deeply emotional and spiritual level. Inner torment of many years has been appreciated, understood, and surrendered whilst being guided and immersed in the truly spiritual experience of the Casa de Dom Inacio."
--Nigel Glynn, M.Sc.
  Nottingham, England

     "I highly recommend using a guide to visit John of God. There are many details to an adventure like this, and a guide helps to make the trip much smoother. Pat Baars is a detail-oriented and conscientious guide. Pat Baars has integrity as well as compassion. I have traveled all over the world with and without guides, and I feel qualified to recommend her services."
--Beverly Bryan, RN/Hypnotherapist
  Los Angeles, CA

     "I really appreciate and value Pat's input on what she is able to "see" with her well-developed clairvoyance. Additionally, having the meditation sessions was an added bonus to our healing experience. Pat is an excellent and experienced guide."
--Kay Sera, Chiropractor/Acupuncturist
  South San Gabriel

     "When I met Pat in Brazil, my anxiety level was sky high. Her sensitivity, warmth and kindness transformed my fears and made a lasting impact on me."
--Suzi Patience Lever, Professional Trainer

Pat Baars
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