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The Healing Power of Spiritual Light*
By Owen Waters

The Buddha spent many years trying to understand evil and suffering. He eventually concluded that the only real power in the universe is the Creator and that all else is illusion and therefore has little or no power in comparison.

He then went on to counsel people to adopt the middle way in order to avoid being sucked into illusion and bringing suffering upon themselves. He saw attachment to things of the world as the source of suffering, so he advised people to be a part of the world, yet not attached to it.

His words ring as true today as they did 2,500 years ago; and yet, times have changed. Today's level of popular consciousness is far beyond that of the relatively dark times of 2,500 years ago. Today, detachment is still excellent advice, but we can do so much more now to consciously transform the old ways of darkness.

Physical darkness is the absence of physical light. The darkness itself is not real. It is merely an absence of something that is real. Likewise, spiritual darkness is the absence of spiritual light. Spiritual darkness itself is not real. It is merely an absence of something that is real.

Evil is an illusion because a shadow is not a real thing. Light is the real thing. A shadow is an illusion caused by the absence of light. The only reality, the only real power, is light itself.

Darkness can only exist in hiding from the light. When light shines in, it dissipates the darkness, making it obvious where the real power lies. Evil has no power in itself. It is only a lack of light. The real power is, and always has been, with the light and not with the shadow.

If you sense darkness, add light.

If you sense pain, add the light of healing energy.

If you sense hatred, add the light of love.

If you sense despair, add the light of hope and trust in the goodness of that from which we came and that to which we are returning.

The Nature of Spiritual Light

Spiritual light, in its fundamental form, is the omnipresent consciousness of the Creator. When intertwined with the unconditional love of the Creator and set into motion, it manifests as the universe.

Filters can block spiritual light. Such filters include fear, hatred, judgment, conflict and despair. That which engenders any of these is, therefore, promoting darkness. Darkness in consciousness affects mind, body and spirit.

When spiritual light is channeled through the human mind, it adds to the light of the world. Darkness can be healed through the addition of spiritual light.

While spiritual light is universally available in all frequencies, it has to flow through human consciousness in order to affect the human realm of consciousness. The effectiveness of sending healing spiritual light into an area that needs it is subject to the following two laws.

The Laws of Spiritual Light

  1. The transformative ability of spiritual light is proportional to the frequency of the consciousness used to project it.

  2. Explanation: Conditioning the intent with any agenda lowers the frequency. Projecting pure spiritual light for the unconditioned purpose of healing raises the frequency and the potential.

  3. The amount of spiritual light projected is proportional to the degree of openness of the chakra through which it flows.

  4. Explanation: Your thoughts flow from you to the outside world through the appropriate chakra. Spiritual practices develop the chakras, increasing your capability as a channel for spiritual light.

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This article was written by Owen Waters, author of "The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness."

Available in hardcover or via immediate download at: http://www.infinitebeing.com/theshift.

The Infinite Being newsletter brings you spiritual insights for the New Awareness each Sunday at your request from Infinite Being Publishing LLC, 73 Greentree Dr #54, Dover, DE 19904, USA.

Fear and Faith
Written by Dr. Carlos Appel, Abadiania, April 2006
Reprinted here with his permission

The worst and most destructive emotion, the one that has the most power over humankind, is fear.

Out of fear, people are capable of ending their own lives and the lives of others. Because of fear people get sick, lie, cry, attack, mistrust, steal, etc.

Fear of being happy, of not being happy, fear of loss, of challenges, of being alone, of being rejected, of people, of being betrayed, of the unknown, of sickness, of pain.

The people and organizations that have power over us are the ones which play to our fears.

There are two kinds of reactions to fear: aggression and submission, both of which are pathological.

From fear other negative emotions arise. Observe this in yourself.

The antidote to fear is development of the opposite quality, which is trust in yourself, in others, in life, in the cosmos, in Divine Wisdom, and especially in the fact that the superior spiritual world will never conspire against any one of us.

Fear and faith cannot co-exist. Fear makes us withdraw, while faith turns us receptive.

Faith allows us to see that there is something besides ourselves that will guide and support us.

Faith opens doors to new understanding and ways of seeing things and gives us access to the wisdom of the centuries.

Even in moments of desperation the Divine Presence is with us. If we want help all we need to do is close our eyes and ask.

To obtain complete and total healing, we have to discover our way back into the arms of the Divine.

To experience life at the deepest level of our divine nature, we have to stop listening to the hum of inner chatter that occupies our minds. Paul Bersch, director of the Master Yoga Academy, said "I don't let my mind have a single thought without my permission." We don't have to listen to the negative inner dialogue of our lower self.

When we recognize that we are prisoners of the small voice of our ego, we can stop for a moment, close our eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, and transfer our thoughts to the most elevated plane of consciousness.

We have to allow the light of our superior self to cover the negative chatter of our lower self, saying out loud "I will no longer waste my time and energy listening to doubt, fear, and self-condemnation."

We have to affirm that this negative inner dialogue does not reflect the part of our being that is linked to God, but that it is the voice of the part of us that is separate, lonely and fearful.

Once we understand that we don't have to lend our ears to our doubts and fears, we become receptive to Divine Guidance, which affirms that God will do for us what we ourselves cannot do.

Many of us learned that if we are good people, God will take care of us, but if we are not, he won't. This is a great lie. God is always hoping that you will renounce your will and your isolation so that He can walk beside you and not after you.

God is not an omnipotent presence that is outside of us, but a Universal force that inhabits the core of our being, linking us with all that exists and all that will ever exist.

God is a force that extends over everything, a powerful and wise energy, a force that is often given names, like Spirit, Love, Universal Consciousness, Divine Order, and Nature.

This force is known by many names, and many are the paths that lead to the God presence within. To begin the journey, all you need is an honest desire to know God and if you are receptive, this force will guide you.

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